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Victoria's Books

Here's every book - photo or otherwise - I've written so far, along with where to purchase them. I hope to keep adding things to this list for the rest of my life.

Postcards From the End of the World

Postcards From the End of the World is a visual journey through a post-collapse America, told through a woman's missives home to her lover, as she searches for what she needs in the ruins of the West. The book is author Victoria Scott's print debut.

Postcards From the End of the World will be released at the beginning of 2023 as a physical 4x6 book through Carrara Media. It will be 90 pages (42 images) long and retail for $25. Preorders open the week of December 5th.

The Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage documents one woman's journey into the lonely, post-everything deserts of Nevada, to make an offering in search of something better than the unyielding heat and oppressive nature of the world. This photo book, at its core, is a statement of trans hope in a world that is much more hostile than we deserve.

The Pilgrimage is online-only available as a PDF. It is 40 spreads (80 traditional pages) long and contains 59 images. All photos are included at the download link. It is pay-as-you-wish; the suggested donation is $10. 

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